The redemption of Al 'Bummy' 澳彩体育竞彩




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Al Davis fighter
Al 澳彩体育竞彩 战斗机



Al 澳彩体育竞彩 was one of them. He boxed in the ring and brawled in the streets, usually for some unknown underdog. Tough, tenacious, and soft-hearted, 澳彩体育竞彩 made no excuses for his failings and took no bull from his enemies.


他于1920年1月26日出生于亚伯拉罕·戴维多夫(Abraham Davidoff),在布鲁克林崎t不平的地方布朗斯维尔长大。


澳彩体育竞彩 learned the ropes early.


During prohibition, 澳彩体育竞彩 was a lookout for his father who ran a candy store, and an illegitimate liquor store, in the same location. His job was to tell his pops if any cops were in the neighborhood.


澳彩体育竞彩 figured out at a young age that his brothers hung out with a dangerous crowd, working as collectors for a group of gangsters called 谋杀公司. -谁对犯罪集团作出回应。


戴头巾可能会吓到附近的大多数年轻人,除了澳彩体育竞彩,澳彩体育竞彩毫不费力地接受像安倍晋三这样的傻瓜“Kid Twist”Reles,以谋杀为生。大哥哥威利(Willie)有足够的力量使杀手远离他的小兄弟,但是里莱斯(Reles)找到了另一种伤害澳彩体育竞彩的方法。他阻碍了他的拳击生涯。


澳彩体育竞彩’s rise as a boxer actually started as a kid on the streets of Brownsville, where at the age of eight he was in charge of a push cart. Any attempt to steal it was met by a barrage of blows. 澳彩体育竞彩 began boxing professionally as a teenager after a successful amateur career. He often used aliases in the ring, 像乔瓦尼·帕斯科尼(Giovanni Pasconi)。他被漂亮的左钩子打倒了,这可以使他的大多数对手望而却步。


With an aggressive style and pulverizing hook, 澳彩体育竞彩 was soon drawing huge crowds. His manager came up with the idea of calling him “Bummy.” 澳彩体育竞彩 hated it. He wasn’t a bum and didn’就像被嘘一样。演艺圈的经理说。这个名字卡住了。


On November 1, 1939, during his fight with popular ex-champion Tony Canzoneri things got of control. 澳彩体育竞彩 destroyed Canzoneri inside of three rounds. The boxing crowd wasn’t impressed. The booing was louder. 澳彩体育竞彩 had graduated from unpopular to outright villain.


The catcalls hurt, the insults stung deep, and 澳彩体育竞彩 began to get a little cynical about professional boxing. But he soldiered on, fighting all the top-rated boxers and maintaining a protective friendship with a disabled young man named Charlie.


澳彩体育竞彩 won his first thirty-three pro bouts. The streak ended when he fought future “Hall of Famer” Lou Ambers. The taunting of the crowd was so demoralizing that 澳彩体育竞彩 retired for a spell. He was not only a villain but a demon with a left hook. A demon most everyone hated.


在布朗斯维尔, 他举世闻名,以一个慷慨的年轻人为例,他将自己从凶杀的环境中撤出。每个认识他的人都认为这个版本更接近事实。


澳彩体育竞彩 returned to the ring in 1940 and fought Fritzie Zivic, known for dirty tactics. Zivic lived up to his reputation. He thumbed 澳彩体育竞彩 repeatedly in the eyes. 澳彩体育竞彩 lost his temper and retaliated. He walked up to Zivic and started hitting him low, stopping when he was disqualified.


After the fight, the New York State Boxing Commission banned 澳彩体育竞彩 for life. Many protested on his behalf. What about what Zivic had done? 澳彩体育竞彩 didn’小心。他参军,并被绑住了。




He won four of his next five fights before taking on former and future lightweight champ Bob Montgomery. The fight figured to be easy pickings for Montgomery as word had leaked out that 澳彩体育竞彩 had lost his edge.

Montgomery entered the match a 10-1 favorite. He exited it a loser, in a little over a minute, courtesy of 澳彩体育竞彩’左钩子。伤心震惊了拳击界。


澳彩体育竞彩 fought for another two years, losing to the great Henry Armstrong, and being stopped by Rocky Graziano. Though still known as "Bummy," the booing had lessened, if not completely stopped.




Sadly, 澳彩体育竞彩 didn’寿命更长。他开了一家酒吧和烧烤店,’做得很好。他最终变形了身子,重了15磅。他仍然设法赢得大多数回合。




澳彩体育竞彩 was 25 years old.




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